Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Support independent film! Join us on the BLACK ROAD campaign

Joma Films has just launched a Kickstarter for their new film, BLACK ROAD. It's a neo-noir thriller based on a smart original screenplay written by Gary Lundgren, and supported by the talented and creative team who made REDWOOD HIGHWAY and CALVIN MARSHALL. Check out the video at kickstarter.blackroadmovie.com

Every dollar helps the production get closer to their goal, so help out if you can and share the link to support this film. Cool rewards include pre-order of a DVD, invitation to pre-release screening party, and a Black Road woodcut by our very own Patrick Neary.

We'd be grateful for any amount you can kick in, and doing so in the first few days helps the campaign gain a lot of momentum ... and you also get your name listed near the beginning of the "road stripe scroll" on the awesome supporter website: http://thanks.blackroadmovie.com!

Everyone on the BLACK ROAD team is excited about this project, and the chance to participate with friends of independent film in making it happen.

My design challenge for the week: fitting all the great Kickstarter rewards in to one infographic. If you want the megaphone, put in your pledge today ... there is only one Associate Producer credit left!

Thank you!


BLACK ROAD is written and directed by Gary Lundgren and produced by Anne Lundgren of Joma Films, Ashland, Oregon. This will be their third feature film made in the Rogue Valley, following up CALVIN MARSHALL (2009) and REDWOOD HIGHWAY (2014).

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Redwood Highway opens in Portland & Vancouver

Redwood Highway is opening in Portland and Vancouver! The filmmakers are excited to share this film with northwest audiences, and will be holding Q&As after selected screenings.*

Living in a comfortable retirement community in Southern Oregon, estranged from her family, unsatisfied with her surroundings, and generally not happy about life, Marie (Shirley Knight) decides to journey 80 miles on foot to the coast of Oregon to revisit the ocean of her past for the first time in 45 years.

Once reluctant to attend her granddaughter’s wedding, she now arrives as an unexpected guest. Along the way, she meets an extraordinary cast of characters and discovers that you're never too old to learn something about life ... and about yourself.

Star Shirley Knight is a two time Academy Award nominee, Tony Award Winner, Golden Globe Winner, two time EMMY Winner, and Venice Film Festival Best Actress Winner. Film credits include As Good As it Gets, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Desperate Housewives, and Sweet Bird of Youth. Tom Skerritt (Pete) is a two time Golden Globe nominee, EMMY Winner. Film credits include Alien, and Top Gun.

Local Screenings

Living Room Theater
341 SW Tenth Avenue
Portland, OR 97205
Opens Friday, June 20
Screening June 20-26
Showtimes: (12:30 pm) (2:40 pm) (4:50 pm)  7:00 pm  9:20 pm
Friday & Saturday, June 20-21 - meet the producers, director, cinematographer for a Q&A after the 4:50 and 7:00 pm shows

The Kiggins Theatre
1011 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98660
Screening May 30-June 3, 2014
Friday, May 30 - 2:30pm, 7:00pm* - meet the producers, director, cinematographer and other filmmakers for a Q&A after the 7pm show
Saturday, May 31 - 7:00pm*
Sunday, June 1 - 5:00pm
Monday, June 2 - 9:00pm
Tuesday, June 3 - 4:30pm, 6:30pm

>> More dates and locations at www.montereymedia.com <<


“Shirley Knight relishes her return to the limelight, and audiences will be delighted by her warm, stirring performance. It’s a low-key charmer with a large-souled performance at its center. One of the best roles of her career.” – THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“... traveling with Marie is a delight. [Shirley] Knight manages to run the gamut of Marie’s emotions, often with the slightest of changes in expression: the momentary hurt of being old and invisible to the young; the frustration at needing the help of others; the joy of her surroundings; the realization of her greatest mistake and of her chance for deliverance.” – Bill Edelstein, VARIETY

“5 Stars. Redwood Highway is both heartwarming and courageous. A feel good movie. Redwood Highway is pure joy to watch. Every actor serves the piece with a stand-out-performance; played beautifully by Shirley Knight, with particular attention to every detail, with a special nod to Tom Skerritt. If you like warm gentle coming of age stories, see Redwood Highway and yes bring some tissue.” – Clent Bowers/Burbank Film Examiner

 “Some films merit the mention of the cinematography, Redwood Highway is one of those films. Patrick Neary’s grasp of the film's lifeblood is dazzling and nothing short of genius. He captures the majesty of the Redwood National Forest and the breathtaking beauty of the Northern California/Oregon coastline and leaves the viewer breathless, lost in their own imagination.” – Janet Walker/Haute-lifestyle.com

"Downright charming. The fiercely independent Marie is someone we root for, worry about and wring our hands over in equal measure." – LOS ANGELES TIMES

'Redwood Highway' is a charming journey, Gusto / The Buffalo News
The Familiar Journey to the Coast in a New Light, The Rogue Valley Messenger
REDWOOD HIGHWAY Coming to Theaters in South Oregon, Makes its Mark on Hollywood, The Confluence


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Redwood Highway opens in California, Oregon

I'm happy to report that a film I shot will be coming to theaters in southern California and Oregon! Star Shirley Knight – 2-time Academy Award nominee, Emmy and Tony winner – will be at select theaters for Q&As, including CinĂ©mas Palme D'Or in Palm Desert on Saturday night, May 10.

California screenings – details

Encino, CA
Sneak preview Thursday, May 8
Screening May 9-14, 2014

Palm Desert, CA
Screening May 8-15, 2014
Saturday, May 10th - Q&A with Shirley Knight after 6:30pm showing

Southern Oregon screenings – details

On Memorial Day weekend, Redwood Highway opens in Grants Pass and Ashland, Oregon - both locations in the film:

Friday, May 23 - Meet the crew / Q&A
Varsity Theatre
Ashland, OR
Meet the crew / Q&A after 6:30pm and 9:00 pm screenings

Saturday, May 24 - Q&A with writer James Twyman
Southgate Cinema
Grants Pass, OR
Q&A after 6:30pm screening

More listings at www.montereymedia.com

Why you should go:

"Shirley Knight relishes her return to the limelight, and audiences will be delighted by her warm, stirring performance. It’s a low-key charmer with a large-souled performance at its center. One of the best roles of her career." - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER


'Redwood Highway' is a charming journey, Gusto / The Buffalo News, 5.21.2014
The Familiar Journey to the Coast in a New Light, The Rogue Valley Messenger, 5.21.2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cowburd cartoon premieres this weekend at AIFF

Ashland Independent Film Festival Alum Patrick Neary’s latest animation uses hand-drawn characters and miniature sets to answer the age-old question: what if cows could fly?

CowBurd is a hand-drawn cartoon that follows a hapless dairy cow, inspired by a little bird, as she takes to the skies. This cartoon started life as a string of doodles in a sketchbook, then grew into an experiment with a technique to place 2-D, hand-drawn characters into miniature sets built from cardboard, clay and other elements. The sets were small, averaging only 12 inches or so across, and the animated characters were composited into still photos of the sets using Adobe After Effects. The animation took place over the course of several months, with compositing and post production taking another several weeks to complete the film.

See the film at AIFF > http://www.ashlandfilm.org/FilmDetails.asp?View=Film&FilmID=846

More animation at www.kinografx.com

Monday, February 24, 2014

Website redesign for Lewis County EDC

Launched in February

Mad Bird Design just redesigned a website for Lewis County Economic Development Council, to improve user experience and visual appeal. The upgrade provides streamlined content, feature-rich commercial real estate listings, and updated graphics and color palette to complement the EDC brand. The back end integrates a simple, user-friendly content management system, which allows EDC staff to keep their website up-to-date. Check it out at www.lewisedc.com – it's come a long way from the original design!

Happy Clients

“Thanks for everything. I love the website – it looks amazing!” Lewis County EDC – Director of Business Development

Mad Bird Design has developed and launched dozens of custom websites. Explore our portfolio at www.madbirdesign.com.