Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cowburd cartoon premieres this weekend at AIFF

Ashland Independent Film Festival Alum Patrick Neary’s latest animation uses hand-drawn characters and miniature sets to answer the age-old question: what if cows could fly?

CowBurd is a hand-drawn cartoon that follows a hapless dairy cow, inspired by a little bird, as she takes to the skies. This cartoon started life as a string of doodles in a sketchbook, then grew into an experiment with a technique to place 2-D, hand-drawn characters into miniature sets built from cardboard, clay and other elements. The sets were small, averaging only 12 inches or so across, and the animated characters were composited into still photos of the sets using Adobe After Effects. The animation took place over the course of several months, with compositing and post production taking another several weeks to complete the film.

See the film at AIFF >

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Website redesign for Lewis County EDC

Launched in February

Mad Bird Design just redesigned a website for Lewis County Economic Development Council, to improve user experience and visual appeal. The upgrade provides streamlined content, feature-rich commercial real estate listings, and updated graphics and color palette to complement the EDC brand. The back end integrates a simple, user-friendly content management system, which allows EDC staff to keep their website up-to-date. Check it out at – it's come a long way from the original design!

Happy Clients

“Thanks for everything. I love the website – it looks amazing!” Lewis County EDC – Director of Business Development

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Apple "Life on iPad" Video

Animator Patrick Neary contributed to this Apple "Life on iPad" video featured at the company's October 22 special keynote event and this gorgeous new webpage:

For the project, Patrick designed, built and painted a Martian planet set and rocket ship, created space explorers and aliens, and created a few seconds of animation magic as the characters meet for the first time and do the moonwalk. The animation was filmed on an iPad, using Stop Motion Studio Pro, and the creative process was captured in time-lapse, featured in the above video at 1:25. Enjoy!

For more stop-motion and hand-drawn animation, check at
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Animation Reel

Animation isn't just for cartoons – but we make those too! Clients such as AOL and Microsoft love the way these organic, hand-drawn graphics liven up corporate and commercial videos. Mad Bird Design deploys old-school traditional illustration and painting with state-of-the-art motion graphics software. We have contributed visual effects and motion graphics to feature and short films, marketing and corporate videos. This new demo reel offers a sampling of award-winning animation and motion graphics work in a variety of styles, as seen on PBS, the Huffington Post, client websites and film festivals worldwide.

Animation Demo from Patrick Neary on Vimeo

Entertain & educate your audience with animation! See more at and award-winning cartoons at Contact us for details.

Original design in a variety of techniques: hand-drawn illustration in whiteboard and full color styles, hand-crafted set design, painted backgrounds, and stop-motion characters. No Flash or computer-generated clip art here.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cartoon Shirt Designs

A new "cow-toon" by Patrick Neary/Kinografx is coming together. Now for the fun part: designing t-shirts! Do you have a favorite design? Feel free to come up with more fun caption ideas for the cow.

A) Hank Hank's Flying Circus
This design would look great on a sporty grey t-shirt.
So far, this is the favorite on Facebook!

B) You are the wind beneath my udder

C) Soar Like Cow  - or -  Soar Like Cowburd
T-Shirt Mockups

Update: We Have A Winner!

Design A featuring Hank-Hank the Flying Gorilla was the clear winner! The t-shirt is available now for the awesome price of $15 for a limited time from Also, you can see a short teaser for the film at Thanks for voting, everybody!

New Hank-Hank t-shirt is available now